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Requirements for Requesting an Icon

   You can only request 3 at a time or 3 per week
   MUST give me the name of the person/character, name of the show/band they are in
   If possible a link to a picture or a link to a site where I can find pictures (Preferred.  If you give me pictures or a link the faster you'll get it.)

I WILL NOT make icons from or of the following:
   Bevis and Butt-head
   Any crude gestures
   Or anything that might be similar to those things listed above.  

Don't flame me saying "What the heck, you're such an idiot for not making those."  Because I have my standards that I have set and will not drop them just to make an icon for someone.

If you want any icons that fall under that category, then I'm positive that there are sites out there that have them, or will make them.  Feel free to go find them.

You MUST meet the requirements above if you request an icon.  It's really not that hard!

A Basic e-mail setup:
Name of character/person: (ie: Serena or Justin)
Show/band they're in: (ie: Sailor Moon or NSYNC)
How many icons of them: (Up to 3 per week)
Sites for pictures:  (either give me a web address or tell me "See Attached Files")

E-mail me.

Thanks for visiting my page!  Enjoy the icons!