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AIM Buddy Icons
Instant Message Screen Capture
I just decided that I might as well put up a section for AOL Instant Messenger Buddy Icons, since people keep asking me for some.  So, here goes.

THIS IS A LINK EXCHANGE SITE!  If you use any of my icons on your website, then you MUST link back to me with either a text link or this banner.  These icons took a lot of time to make.  All links to:

How to Request an Icon

Last Updated: 3/17/02

Updates: A new page is up for Others that are not Anime characters and not Real People.

1 Zechs - Gundam Wing
5 Deedlit, 3 Parn - Record of Lodoss War; 2 Id (Xenogears), 1 Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin), 3 Cye (Ronin Warriors) - Miscellaneous
1 Ricochet (Slingers), 1 Banzai Chibi-Chan (I have no clue), 1 Locke Cole (Final Fantasy 6), 3 Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) - Others/Non-Anime


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