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Welcome to Ami Yuy's AIM Buddy Icons!

Current Icon Count:
Anime - 282
People - 9
Others - 51

Attention webmasters: If you use these icons on your page, you MUST link me back! Use any of these banners, or a text link.

--2/7/03- Requests are CLOSED until further notice! Do not send in any requests! They will be DELETED. I am having to focus on my school work a lot lately, not to mention that I have about 10+ requests waiting! ><
-- 12/14- Requests are now OPEN. All requests are filled. Check New page for more info.
-- 12/13- Requests are still CLOSED. All requests should have been filled. Check New page for more info.
-- 9/6- Requests are still CLOSED. I have a few more requests left unfilled, but I can't do them now. Otherwise, I've added 39 icons and 5 new sections! Hope you like 'em all!

Send any comments reguarding this site to the webmistress, Ami Yuy, at amiyuyaim @ (remove the spaces if you copy and paste).